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Allana “Mean Mama” Mackertich

“…one of the best things about mountain biking is the feeling you get when you confront the fear and manage to ride a section that you were scared of…”

Tell us a bit about yourself and riding experience?

I've always liked to keep fit, particularly when it involves being outdoors.  Years ago I competed in triathlons, and always loved the bike.  When my daughter bought her first mountain bike after a cycling holiday in New Zealand, in 2011, I tried to keep up with her on my Learsport bike!  It just wasn't happening!  I soon had a real mountain bike in the shape of a Giant Anthem and I was hooked.  I've been riding ever since.  I like to ride all kinds of trails.  There have been many high points including the Bike Buller festival and a week spent on the trails of Rotorua, but probably the best part of mountain biking is the people you ride with.

Tell us about your bike that you raced on and the kind of riding you enjoy?

I now have a Trek Superfly AL Wlite.  With a bike like that it's rather obvious that my preference is for cross-country.  I love this bike!  The 29-inch wheels really suit my style and have increased my confidence.  I wouldn't recommend 29-inch wheels for the downhill run, but they did the job at the Rocky Trail Rollercoaster at Ourimbah. Plus, when it came to the pedally sections of the course, I was able to make up some much needed time.

What's it like to be one half of NSW's (and perhaps Australia's) most lethal mother/daughter duo of the Gravity Enduro racing scene?

Haha!  It's great!  I'm not sure that you could describe us as lethal though. Anyone who sees me out there on the track can see pretty quickly that I'm not going to be at the pointy end of the field.  But that's not what it's all about.  Being able to compete together and share the fun, re-live each rock and berm, talk about the best line - it's something we really enjoy.  Lauren encourages me to have a go and push myself just a little more each time.  Without Lauren I wouldn't be doing the Gravity Enduro, but with her support and encouragement I'm out there having a go, having a greet time and meeting a great bunch of people.

Some would say you're pretty hard-core, a woman in Super Masters racing a gravity race. What do you say to that?

Gravity Enduro is certainly not for everyone.  It's fast, requires 100% concentration, and tests your skills to the max.  Hard core?  Maybe you could say that.  I plan to continue for as long as I'm having fun.  It would be nice to see some more women taking up the sport too.

Photo credit JB Photomedia Courtesy of Rocky Trail Entertainment

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Comment by Chica on February 24, 2014 at 11:38

Good on ya Allana! I remember when you got your Giant, it always looked so clean and new!

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